Fender Mustang Long Scale Electric Bass Guitar:

I went pretty far down the Rabbit Hole for this one...

Leo Fender sold the Fender Company to CBS in 1965.  He went on to Music Man, and really went on to G &L.

Generally speaking, products made by companies Leo Fender was part of, are considered superior compared to those after his involvement.

This is a pre-CBS Fender swamp ash body, made in June '56, five years after Leo's Precision Bass hit the market.

The neck is a 2 piece maple G & L SB-1 from '86, five years before Leo died.

The body is 60 years old this summer, the neck is 30 years old this summer.

It has "made in Germany" Schaller tuning machines, a silver piece string retainer, and a handmade Quad-coil Humbucker pick up.

It's balanced, it thumps, it growls.