Chairs, chairs, chairs...

The unsung heroes of your space.

If they do their job right, you hardly notice them keeping your tired rear end off of the floor.

Nails are commonly seen attempt at repair by a homeowner.

They don't help for long, they often cause more harm than good, but they do show the spirit of overcoming obstacles...

What's more American than that?

The *square cut clout nails* poked in this one (of eight) were judiciously applied, and pretty old.

This type of nail was used by cabinetmakers to fasten backs onto casework.

I'm getting these totally reglued, restored, and refinished, so they can be put back in daily service.

I'm using traditional adhesive.

As seen in the picture, I'm also correcting things like joinery ending up in a knot, since I want these to last a while.

Another one, pretty similar, in walnut

Chair No. 3...

behold The Carnage