~In Progress~

Magnavox Belvedere console turntable

A great radio, in a size and style a person can live with today, that has seen better days.

Even better days are on the horizon.

The veneer on the top and on the front pierced grills is delaminating, in the extreme.

The Mahogany show surface is backed by laminates of flat-sawn Poplar with traditional hide glue.

Over time, heat and humidity have weakened the glue, and caused the plies to buckle (twist, cup, crown.)

Magnavox often considered the quality of their casework when designing their products.

Genuine Mahogany has long been the gold standard for furniture materials.

Using my proprietary blend of finesse, prayer, and bad language, I can remove and re-adhere the original veneer.

Today's veneer isn't the same, so replacement can be inferior, expensive, or both.

More to come...