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~In Progress~

Faux Finishing:

Here is a set of modern bicycle rims, finished to look like European Beech.

There are many layers of color and effects, as this species of wood, especially when bent and shaped into the profile of a rim, shows incredibly unique details on the top, edge, and side.

They look great, although one could say not 100% identical to the wooden ones, but definitely good enough not to draw attention away from the rest of the show piece, which is still being completed.

Historic Detroit home-

interior woodwork restoration

Dining Room with Bar and Dining Table



Living Room with fireplace mantel

Custom color matching new build ins and original woodwork to match sample.

I coordinated with the client's accomplished installer to complete the spaces in time for display in their Historic Holiday Tour.

The Edsel and Eleanor Ford Iriquois house.

Much of the Oak veneer was delaminating, questionably treated in an attempt to repair, or water damaged from a plumbing leak.

I removed the replacement paper-backed veneer patches and modern adhesive, and replaced them with 100 year old veneer in the matching species to original, color matched, reglued loose veneer, adjusted sheen as necessary in accordance with American Institute of Conservation guidelines.

The first six pictures are before, the last three after...