C.R.a.F.T. antique service




  • Display pieces
  •  Iconic memorabilia
  •  Artifacts
  •  Sealing signatures

Your option when Preservation is most important.


  • Loose elements
  •  Missing elements
  •  Missing or damaged color or finish
  •  Accidental damage
  •  General unattractive age and wear

Let me take it back to the shop,

I can put your new or old heirloom back into daily service!




Get rid of eyesores in your home or office setting.

  • Localized spots of damage on many pieces in a room or office
  • Water rings
  • Improving the look on pieces in place, when moving them is impractical.

I use Low Odor and Green products in your space.

My restoration training and service
is an extension of years of

Guitar Repair.

    Instruments have specific needs and requirements not  adequately addressed by restoration experts, music store technicians, or even museum objects professionals. They must be made functional while respecting their original materials. Contact to Discuss whether your heirloom instrument is a good candidate.

  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar structural repair and restoration including, but not limited to Inpainting, Neck Resetting, Crack Repair, Duplicating Replacement Pieces from Damaged Parts
  • Professionally Certified to perform repairs from the largest electric and acoustic guitar manufactures in the country

Additionally, I offer the faux finishing artist's technique, Faux Bois, or

Faux Wood Graining

  • Steel Security Doors
  • Previously painted furniture and build-ins


Whenever veneer is impractical, but the look of wood is wanted

Historic Objects

I worked in Washington D.C., for The House of Representatives' Congressional Members, on their woodwork and furnishings, for five years.

While everything connected to United States Capitol Building carries a little extra importance, here are a few examples of projects I did, which were especially noteworthy:

Prepping for The State of The Union Address on The House floor
Speaker of the House Chair which came into the shop for touch-up
Don Williams instructing the proper techniques and materials for treating historic objects
Chair used by U.S. Congressional Representative, Steny Hoyer
John Boehner's gavel
An old Cannon Building library table, one of the oldest pieces in the collection, restored, including cast feet, for which I did the patternwork
10,000 Springs Pavilion display installation at The Smithsonian in 2007. Every interlocking piece is made of Sandalwood, which shatters if dropped.
10,000 Springs Pavilion display installation 2007